Friday, February 3, 2012

100th Day, Super Bowl and Snow!

What a week! We had the 100th day of school on Tuesday! It was so much fun!  I found a bunch of great activities on TPT for FREE or you can find them at her great blog

I have not had the chance to celebrate this before since this is my first year with little ones but I loved it! I look forward to next year!

I love LOVE football! Mainly I love my Broncos but I love the sport! I created a football unit to do with my kiddos today. I made all of the copies and I was ready to go!  You can find that unit in my TPT store.Super Bowl Mini Unit I even put it on sale for the big event!

But then the snow came! 

Denver was hit by a big storm! It has be snowing consistently for 24 hours. We have 2 feet outside and its still coming down. Now I love my class, I love my job but I also love an extra day off! 

Here I am on a surprise 3 day weekend!  

Enjoy your weekend and the big game I know that I will!

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