Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I work at an ischool like I have mentioned before. I have started having my first graders create reports on their iPads. I was amazed that they have figured out how to do countless things on the iPad with out any instruction. I have all the training! My six and seven year olds are teaching me things! Don't even get me started on my middle school student council kids! They are great at the iPad and with technology! 

I have been utilizing iMovie a ton! 

Yesterday I created directions for a project and played them. Today we made announcements and my kiddos created a report to show to the class. 

If you would like to see some of what we are doing you can visit youtube. My channel is mrscooksclass.

  How do you use iPads in your classroom? How do you use iMovie? How do you use youtube? Post below and let me know!!!!

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