Monday, February 27, 2012

Grab Your Wallet and Get Ready

Have you heard? TpT is having a big ole Leap Year Sale! I am having a sale in my little store too!

I can't wait to going shopping! I love to shop, shop, shop. (I actually gave it up for Lent!) 

Okay I feel like I have been part of the blog world long enough to say that I love it. Now even more I love YOU the people that have ideas and share them but also YOU that read my blog! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I am super filled with love tonight apparently but honestly. I want to accomplish two things from this blogpost and I need you to HELP.

1.  I would like to get more connected! - Please tell my your blog. If you are following me then I want to make sure I am visiting yours. If you don't have one then tell me your favorite! COMMENT!!! With your links. Maybe you can gain more followers from it win/ win!

2. I want to learn from you!!!! I would really like to hear some tech tips from you all! Do you have any suggestions? Do you have an awesome app I haven't seen? TELL ME!!!! 

Okay now I am going to go ahead and say it. I am itching for a giveaway on my little blog. I love to give presents! I spend lots of time to pick out each gift I give. (It's the perfect excuse to shop!) I especially love to make gift baskets. Okay you need to help me out blog friends!!!! (I know I am demanding tonight!) I would like to have 50 followers in order to do this give away. I will make a gift basket for you!!! I promise you will love it! 

Sooo PLEASE pretty PLEASE spread the word about my little blog and I will be counting my followers!  Then this give away will happen! I can't wait! 

Here is a clue about what will be included in the giveaway ----31----

Also PLEASE PIN!!! You have my permission! If you like my stuff enough to pin it, I would be honored if you do!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. My blog I am your newest follower.

    Queen with Class

  2. I just found your blog and it is so cute! I am still deciding what to do for my 50 followers give-away but I have one more peep to go before that.

    Tech tips... perhaps I should wait until after lent for this! So many apps I love. My favorite is my calendar. It is called Pocket Informant and was expensive but worth it. IT DOES EVERYTHING! It is color coded, I can organize it and view only what I want to see. It has cute little pictures. I can use it to write myself notes or create tasks. Its a project manager! Oh how I love that function! So many more things it does as well! LOVE IT!

    There is also some great educational ones as well. What type of app are you looking for?

    Mrs Poland
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. I will look into the calendar. I like to feature educational apps on my blog. Each of my kids has an iPad. I was hoping to discover some great ones for classroom use!


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! I just saw your comment in my inbox and decided that I would check you out...I mean, everyone likes cookies, but who can't resist a smart cookie???hehehe!

    I am your newest follower!

    The 3AM Teacher

  5. Thank you all for joining!