Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Now That's A Bright Idea!

I love doing small groups! I love the more individualized instruction it brings and the chance to really get to know your kiddos. This year I am even going to add some one on one reading conferencing.

To manage my time during small groups, I have done 3 before me, wearing a hat and probably a few other things that I don't remember because they didn't work. Well this year our assistant principal came up with a bright idea! Here it is and it is so simple and it WORKS!!!! I have a push light on my teacher table. When its on the students can't talk to me. When its off I will answer questions and move around the room. I turned it on for testing too. The kids totally get it!!!!

I'm Busy!!!!
How can I help?

The best thing is this little push light is SUPER cheap! You can find them at the dollar store. Then they just need batteries!

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